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Safety is the key issue and our foremost concern

Changes may occur within our work activities and it is important that we assess these for risks to human safety and damage to both the environment and the equipment used. If we cannot do the work as planned, we stop it. We control this process through our Management of Change (MOC) procedure.

Sustainable development goals: our focus

By executing our sustainability strategy we aim to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most relevant to Sagro’s business and stakeholders.


Our projects

“The knowledge and skills we have built up over the past 55 years are extremely valuable in the context of decommissioning!”

Numbers in decommissioning

98% recycling

180 equipment

250 employees

25 projects

Part of Sagro Company

Sagro consists of a cluster of companies that, with all their knowledge, experience and certifications, are ideally suited for decommissioning. Sagro’s traditional activities are storage and transshipment, earthmoving, transport, environmental advice, remediation, demolition and recycling. Decommissioning, the dismantling of heavy offshore installations and structures, fits in seamlessly with these activities.